Keith Karkut

Keith Karkut has been practicing Hypnosis for over 19 years.  His first show took place while he was a student studying Communications at East Stroudsburg University in Northeast Pennsylvania.  As a college student, Keith realized the true powers of the mind and how certain addictive substances affect it.   Having explored how the mind could replace those substances, Keith was laying the groundwork for one of his most powerful, educational presentations, Hypnotic Intoxication.  


For the next fifteen years, Keith concentrated his efforts on the entertaining aspect of Hypnosis.  Performing approximately one hundred shows a year.  While performing, he still studied the powers that the mind truly has.  After many of his shows he was asked about how the mind works.  Many people asked about how addictive substances could be controlled through hypnosis. Keith then started working on many powerful inductions that could help people in many different ways.  A program that could help people conquer their addiction to cigarettes was his first priority.  With a 99% success rate Keith has helped hundreds of people to conquer smoking.  Keith is also one of those people.   He is currently working on a program to take nationally to help as many people as possible control this addictive habit.

Having worked as a faculty member at a Pennsylvania Vocational School Evening Program, Keith has developed many presentations that help people explore the true powers of their subconscious mind.  This program has led Keith to work with many corporations and relationship marketing companies.  For them, Keith has custom designed programs that help their companies maximize sales, by keeping their sales force focused on their future. The program possibilities are only limited to the limitations of the subconscious. Keith has also worked with many high school and college athletic departments to help teams focus on their future success.  Helping them to condition their mind as well as their body.

  Keith reintroduced Hypnotic Intoxication to the college market in the year 2000.  Keith has booked his presentation into over 35 universities across the United States.   It has been showcased at three National Association Of Campus Activities Conferences.  Due to its success, it is quickly becoming a yearly presentation at many Institutions across the nation.   Through an interactive lecture and powerful display of hypnosis, Keith is able to show students what really happens at many parties.  Keith creates an “on stage party” fueled by water and something more powerful than any drug or alcohol; the students own mind.  The result is an inspiring message with some real, yet entertaining, teachable moments for the audience.